Buy or rent a chiller?

Rental unit - a relatively new service in the Russian market, but no doubt necessary.

Rental price

Rental of refrigeration is actually low.

Rental types and termes

There are several types of rentals and related services.

What you get?

При аренде чиллера Арендодатель берет на себя решение всех задач, связанных с подбором, проектиро

About us

Our company is the official representative of the Green Box srl - A leading European manufacturer of industrial refrigeration equipment. We are pleased to inform you that in our arsenal, new services:

  • rental refrigeration
  • rent industrial refrigerator with a further purchase
  • Redemption your refrigeration equipment
  • ransom delivery of new refrigeration equipment - trade in

rental refrigeration

company Green Box s.r.l. is a leader in the production of equipment for cooling and temperature control of industrial processes. Green Box units are proven to be reliable, energy efficient and unpretentious machine, able to meet the demand for cooling of various processes and industrial equipment.

We have products chillers in various versions:

  • Water coolers, air cooled condensers
  • chillers, water-cooled condensers
  • chillers with remote condensers
  • Dry Coolers (free cooler / water-air heat exchangers)
  • Energy Cooling System
  • central cooling system
  • water and oil thermostats

Redemption refrigeration:

If you already have a cooler produced any Green Box, and for some reason are going to sell, we are willing to consider options to repurchase the cooler.

Redemption with new equipment - Trade In:

If for any reason you want to replace your existing industrial chiller to the new, we are pleased to offer you options. It is not necessary that a new chiller was the same power and the series.